A 15 member team from Chitungwiza Arts Centre is set to take part in a trade development training workshop scheduled for the end of April 2015. The workshop being hosted by ZIMTRADE at their Centre in  Harare is meant to empower artists about modern international trends.

ZimTrade, the national trade development and promotion organisation, is the unique joint venture partnership between the Private Sector and the Government of Zimbabwe. It was established in 1991. Also as a way to encourage artist to utilize and keep up with the modern technology, only those who are computer literate and own their own laptops and tablets will qualify to take part on the workshop.

The rest of the artists will have the opportunity to learn from a 15 member team soon after the workshop at their Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

This workshop is specially created to empower artists from Chitungwiza Arts Centre, and hence it is going to be a game changer in the world of international arts trade.

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