Abstract Stone Sculpture is a sensual expression of the mind to the heart, it is sculpted by artists who do not think like we do. It does not promote a full accuracy of the real world, but does so intentionally so that its elements can penetrate the cognitive thinking of an audience.

It is an art that was born out of human error, and yet judged by human creativity. It chooses imagination over knowledge and speaks a meaning that can be seen differently depending on the eye that see’s it.

Abstract sculpture seeks to break away from the traditional representation of physical objects, it can be a constructive manipulation of a figure in the real world or can be a complete imagination not related to the real world in any way.

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David Chakuzeni

The independence of an abstract sculpture from a visual reference in the world allows the art collector or art enthusiast to interpret the sculpture in a way that sculpture communicates with him or her. To truly understand its power, the viewer must be more humble than intellectuals, but far greater than logic.

David Chakuzeni an abstract stone sculptor based at Chitungwiza Arts Centre defines abstract art as ” A desecration of reality to create your own imagined reality”  He says he does not even give titles to his sculptures but allows the audience to give titles based on how the artwork would have communicated to that particular audience.


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