Sylvester Mubayi is one of the remaining First Generation of Zimbabwe Shona Stone Sculptors still living.

We caught up with him at his studio in Chitungwiza where he shared with us his art journey which began as a serendipitous encounter with the maverick art promoter Tom Bloomfield in the streets of the former Salisbury (Harare).

Their relationship was not to last long and they had a nasty fallout after Tom Bloomfield conned Sylvester from the proceeds of the sale of his “Antelope Man” sculpture. The fallout saw Sylvester move from Tengenenge to the National Gallery in silent protest.

Check out the video and get behind the scenes of the intriguing tales of the first generation Shona Stone Sculpture movement.

Available works by Sylvester Mubayi:

Mukombe neHari (Gourd and Drinking Pot)

Pot full of traditional beer

Wise Man

Rain Bird

A spirit prayer

Where is it?

Wholesale Facility


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