CHITUNGWIZA Arts Centre vice-chairperson Winston Nyekete last week said meaningful partnerships and linkages in the creative sector were important to ensure the realisation of artists’ rights envisaged in the country’s Constitution.

Speaking at the centre where artists from various disciplines and members of the community, vendors and counsellors discussed the Constitution, Nyekete said artists needed to familiarise with the Constitution.

“An effective and well-organised creative response to leveraging economic, social and political transformation can be realised if artists fully utilise their rights as envisaged in the Constitution of Zimbabwe, this provides for creation of meaningful partnership and linkages,” he said.

The meeting was jointly organised by the Edzai Isu Trust, The National Arts Council and The Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

Lawyer and popular radio personality, Rumbidzai “Chihera” Venge, who chaired the meeting, encouraged artists to familiarise themselves with the governance charter.

She said the arts were an important tool in human rights communication and advocacy for rights such as freedom of expression.

“With this in mind the arts easily become a vehicle for communication and advocacy whilst it turns up to be a viable entrepreneurial venture. She said. As part of her winding off she encouraged the artists to register their copy rights, patterns and intellectual properties,” she said.

A National Arts Council of Zimbabwe representative said the arts helped in the preservation of information for future generations and also served as edutainment.

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