Today marks the last day of 2023. This was a special year for AVAC Arts. This year we were able to finally open our first outdoor gallery at the Victoria Falls International Airport. When we got the land there was nothing much to see. We saw it differently however.

We begun the year by planting our first muringa tree on 1 January 2023 and so we conclude the year by planting the last on 31 December 2023.

To make it special, we got a special visitor to help with the positioning of the nearly dead plant. Her name is Zvikomborero Manjengwa, one of the finest upcoming gemstone cutters in Zimbabwe. Hopefully we will see more of the “artist” in her pretty soon.

It’s amazing how much transformation has happened at the spacious outdoor gallery over just 365 days. I think it was largely by the good Grace of God himself to be honest.

I would like to thank everyone who supported us during this torrid year. The setting up process whilst running on a shoestring budget was not as easy as we thought it would be, but we did try our level best with the little resources we had.

Special thanks go to Robert Gibson, Bent Ove, Wilson Mafi, DialectDialogue, ACZ, Bob Schmitz, Albert Agostino, Cynthia Joseph, Justice Ncube, Godwin Ruona and everybody who supported our efforts.

We would not have done all this work without all your unwarranted support. We hope for more reach in this coming year. Our efforts should benefit a lot more artistic communities in Zimbabwe.

We pray 2024 be a blessed and wonderful year for us all. Let’s meet next year!!

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