Edmore Sango was born in the year1977in Guruve.He comes from a renowned family in shona art field where prominent artist like (the late Brighton Sango) and Bywell, Chaitia, Ownward, Munyaradzi, Tafanana Sango also comes from. Edmore   started sculpting at a very tender age because of the inspiration he got from his elders. At that time he was schooling and sculpting was more of his hobby. Edmore did his schooling at Nyanhunzi and his secondary education at Mainini high school .In 1996 after finishing his high school Edmore decided to be a full time artist.

Since Edmore is an innovative and creative artist he was selected to be a treasure at Sanganai Art Community in 1998. Sanganai  did a great  service to the community  it managed to build 2 school classrooms  and buy its furniture  for Nyanunzi   primary ,they also  drilled 4 boreholes  and did  small roads  which connect to houses  in Chitaunhike  village .

In 1998 Edmore was invited by Tom Blomefield to join Tengenenge Art Commuity where he worked for 3 years .In 2000 he was invited in Netherlands by 2 galleries (world Art Foundation and Kunst in depolder)  for exhibitions and workshops and  they  were  both a success .In 2002 Edmore was in Germany  at Enlaoe  gallery or workshops  and exhibition  .Edmore  also attended several exhibitions  and workshops  at Africa Gallery in Germany for several years .His art works  are exhibited in many  galleries all over the world .Edmore  is now one of the best third generation  sculpture in Zimbabwe. Edmore Sango’s art style are abstracts. He sometimes make some cubic  forms ,abstracts forms  with rounded  approaches, abstracts forms with curving  shapes  and  some abstract dancing figures .Edmore is a happy and famous artist  also his sculptures express happiness .

Edmore is also a happily married man blessed with three kids two girls one boy.


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