Fanuel Masawa was born in 1963 in the Makoni District. Masawa is one of the elderly sculptors in Zimbabwe. He started off his career in 1986. Masawi was assisted by Kingstone Runyanga to get into the field and taught how to sculpt by Taurai Maisiri. Up to now, Taurai Maisiri and Fanuel Masawa still work together.

In creating his artworks, he normally uses different stone types which include very hard stones such as verdite, springstone, opal stone, butterstone and fruit serpentine.  He also uses softer stone types such as rapoko. With over 30 years’ experience in sculpting fine art animal and human figurines, he has mastered the art of stone sculpting. Masawa is one of the senior resident Chitungwiza Arts Centre artists.

Over the 3 decades, Masawi has seen a lot and experienced a lot in the Zimbabwe stone sculpting industry. With the deterioration of the Zimbabwean economy, people who buy his articles are now very few. Selling art has become more and more difficult. At the moment he is finding it difficult to sell his works to a point where he is now failing to buy the necessary tools and raw materials to continue with his work.

Sculpting stone is very hard and most prices being offered in the local market are now failing to award a basic life standard for sculptors. Masawi wishes for more international exposure because that is where the right market is.


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