Born in 1975 in Rusape area in Zimbabwe, Itayi Mupumha is the first born in a family of eight. At the age of eleven he moved to the city of Chitungwiza where he did his secondary education in the year 1993. The following year his uncle Richard Mupumha encouraged him to start stone sculpting under his guidance. After a two year apprenticeship Itai was confident enough to strike it out on his own to establish own brand works. At the present he is a fulltime sculptor with Chitungwiza Arts Centre and has a wife and one child.

Some of his carrier highlights include, being one of the four Zimbabwean artists invited to take part in an Artists Exchange at Sonkala Yonkala in Luanda, Angola to feature alongside one Angolan great artist Jao Mayembe from February to April of 2014.  Itayi and his brother Onias feature regularly at Guruve Exhibitions. Also itayi’s stone sculptures were featured at a joint exhibition hosted by the Msande Gallery in Berlin, Germany in 2001.

Itayi is one of the most popular and talented young Zimbabwean artist, and is likely to achieve recognition outside Zimbabwe within time.

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