Lovemore Bonjisi was born on the   8th of January  in the year 1985 .He did  his  primary  in Ruwa due  to family  problems  he  could not  proceed to high school. During that time  there was no option since  he was young  and nothing  to do at home ,he joined his elder  brother  one of the  prominent  Artist  Lameck Bonjisi to help with  sculpting .By that time Lovemore  was 14 years old he worked alongside  his  brother for some time despite that he was young it didn’t take  him time to  gain experience.

Lovemore decided to work independently within a few years since he was seeing a good vision with the experience he got. Working independently his style did not go far from his brother since he was his teacher and brother at the same time, there are similarities that can be seen in their styles. Unfortunately   Lameck passed  away  but  Lovemore had already became  a popular artist .The name Bonjisi is still dominating .He  is now currently working   along airport road  and  is married  with 3 kids .

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