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Manners Mukuwiri is an Arrhitist based at Chitungwiza Arts Centre who specializes in Recycled Art using Used Soda Pop Cans, wires, etc. The theme of his artwork is environmentally friendly.The idea behind Manners’s direction of art is to conserve and promote a clean environment and it is his vision to educate people on ways to dispose their unwanted garbage profitably.

Manners participates at Art Festivals and Exhibitions as a tutor for recycled art. He works with Adults and Children and teaches them how to craft artworks using unwanted materials.

Manners started his career as an Environmentalist in Art in 2008 after he was inspired by the desire to see a clean environment and to preserve the planet from Global Warming and Climate Change.

Manners has previously exhibited at the following events


  • manners wkshpHIFA 201mnnn3
  • UNWTO 2013
  • SANGANAI 2014
  • HIFA 2014
  • HIFA 2015

He also conducted workshops for Harare International School and Lynde Francis Trust, St. Peters Marondera, Morgan High School, among others.

His works are currently displayed at Chitungwiza Arts Centre and has been bought by many art collectors world over.

He plies his trade under the name Nature’s Hope Recycling Centre which he founded in 2014. It is his desire to see the growth of his organization which now has four artists and a great number of students.


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10 thoughts on “Manners Mukuwiri

  1. I looked up Nature’s Hope Recycling Centre on the web but could’nt find it. Can you supply a link please?

  2. Unfortunately we do not have any of his artworks on our website at present. However, I will visit him this week and take photos of the artworks he presently has. Please send me an email addressed to with the title “Nature’s Hope Recycling Centre or Manners Mukuwiri”.

  3. Would be interested in purchasing some of his artwork. Please let me know how I can do this, I live in the U.S.
    Thank you

  4. What beautiful artwork, the world could learn a lot from this… from our terrible waste problem could be something beautiful.. I am interested in buying some is there a price list and delivery costs please.. I live in the uk

  5. Please can you forward any information on how to see and buy any of Manners Mukuwiri work please

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