Born in 1969 in Buhera in Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe.Nesbert Mukomberanwa started  experimenting  with stone at the age of 14.His great talent was so evident that  he was enrolled as a  student under his  uncle  Nicholas  Mukomberanwa, who was a renowned sculptor in his  own  right .”Stone  seems  to come  to life  in his hands”  says  Nicholas, gaining  energy  and  vitality of its own .Most of his sculptures  are a combination of  highly polished and natural textures , marriage  of  high art and  the raw  rock which the work is created

In 1989 he began sculpting without his uncles guidance and produced such a magnificent works that his sculptures have subsequently been exhibited sold around the world .Admires have snapped up his sculptures around the world.

In 1999 he moved to Chitungwiza and established a place called the village Gallery a place where he trained young people to sculpt.


He exhibited in a number of places in different countries.

1996 the Sebach gallery Cape Town South Africa

1997 CCA Gallery Oxford England

2002 Luzern Switzerland

2003 Yesteryear Gallery Memphis Tennese USA


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