Paradzai Mupumhira was born in the communal lands  of Chiweshe o the 19th of August 1969.He attended his primary and  secondary school  in Chitungwiza.He started curving  stones whilst he  was doing his secondary  education in the year 1988. He  was inspired by yamous first generation artist known as the Barnabos Ndudzo  who is a fine artist .Paradzai worked with him  for 4 years ,but later they parted ways and Paradzai started  doing  his  own art work in 1992.

Heusually work on  spring  stone  and mostly serpentine stones and he dose contemporary abstracts art.he  exhibited in the USA on three accessions,in the 2000 (curved in stone Gallery) 2001(Afridesia gallery),2003 (Storney Pourne Gallery in Red-Bank New Jersey).In 2004 (Antwerp Gallery  Belgium).

At the present time  he is working  at Chitungwiza  Art Center.

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  1. Unfortunately Paradzayi does not have any finished works at present. I have contacted him and advised him of your request.
    Alternatively you could go through our online gallery to view presently available artworks.

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