A determined and focused Shona Stone Sculptor, Stephen Murenza is among the rising stars in Zimbabwean Visual Art. Born in RushingaWith My Flock in a family of sculptors in 1982, Steve developed an interest in stone sculpture after constantly seeing his brothers Rufaro Murenza and Julius Murenza sculpting. He then started sculpting in 1992 under the apprenticeship of his brothers. Steve worked for close to ten years under the guidance of his brothers and established his own workshop in Hatfield Harare in 2003. He worked at his workshop until 2008 when he moved to  Tsindi Art Centre in Hatfield, where he further developed his skills. It is at Tsindi Art Centre when Steve had his career breakthrough after sculpting a sculpture he titled “With My Flock”, a sculpture he still considers as the best he has ever sculpted. He calls it his life changing sculpture. It is this sculpture that got him recognition by Fran Fearnely an art promoter who then invited him to Rice Lake Gallery in Canada where Steve was to become a resident artist in 2012. While in Canada his works were featured in the Canadian Chronicle of 8 August 2012.

After returning from Canada in 2013, Steve built his own house in Chitungwiza which by Zimbabwean standards is a great achievement. Steve then established his base at Chitungwiza Arts Centre where he works alongside his friend Givemore Mashaya with whom he had shared the same experience at Rice Lake Gallery in Canada.

Steve is by far one of the most organised Shona Stone Sculptors and has managed to use his skill as a sculptor to earn a comfortable life for his family made up of his wife Memory and kids Leetoya, Cole and Stephen Jnr.


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