My name is Tendai Michelle Mufunda and I am a Zimbabwean international fine artist. I have been painting portraits and abstract art professionally since I was 19 years old, having gone to art school in New Zealand at 19 years of age, then university in England. My commissioned portraits include those of H.E. President Edgar Lungu and wife, former President Robert Mugabe, and Mama Graca Machel.

My commissions also include murals done in the orthopaedic ward at Harare Hospital, as well and the children’s ward at Hatcliffe Clinic.

I have performed in plays and skits in Zimbabwe, New Zealand and England, and have written, directed and acted in a play raising awareness of the stigmatisation of HIV/AIDS in the community. I currently host a festival named Tendai’s Arts and Culture Festival where arts, crafts and music by female artists are showcased.

After having been trained in Art Psychotherapy by MSF Belgium in Harare, I have used art as a healing tool in various settings, e.g. sexually abused children from a rape clinic through MSF, teenagers infected or affected by HIV/AIDS through Afriaids, and disadvantaged women through UNESCO.
I teach children between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age arts and crafts during the school holidays, with aim to nuture young talent. My overall desire is to use art as a tool for community development, and to empower those talented in the arts by facilitating and creating opportunities where their talents can become a sustainable career choice.
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