Many Africans believe that there is no such thing as a young Baobab. These trees can be enormous and can live up to 3000 years old. The fibrous bark from the fat trunk of the Baobab is the source for many products; including baskets, ropes and these stunningly beautiful hand-platted floor mats. Harvesting of the bark is ecologically sustainable, using only a portion of the fat tree trunk each time. The injury heals rapidly.

There are many legends and myths about the Baobab. Because the tree looses its leaves in the dry season, it is said that God planted the tree upside-down, with its roots in the air. If you pick the flower of a Baobab, you risk to be attacked by a lion, because the flowers of Baobabs contain lots of spirits. There are also those who believe that if a man drinks an infusion of the bark, he will be protected from crocodiles and become very strong. These Baobab carpets are also very strong and tough!


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