By Elvis Dumba

The European Union continues to support the Zimbabwean arts and culture sector with the EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Jobst Von Kirchman launching a sculpturing competition as part of the ongoing Culture Month celebrations.

The Competition is part of World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development celebrated globally on May 21 and is running under the theme ‘Promoting Cultural Diversity, Unity and Peace’.

The competition was revealed by the EU Ambassador at Chitungwiza Arts Centre where Ambassador Von Kirchman said he was impressed with the sculptures he had seen during a tour of the center and encouraged the competing artists to have this year’s theme in mind whilst doing their art pieces.

“This place in itself is a place that unites people in their diversity. I could see all the different sculptures here, small, big, different colours, different forms, abstract, concrete, you could see all different things.

“When you work on these sculptures I would want you to think of the theme ‘United in Diversity’. It’s a vast theme and you can interpret it in your way and I wish you good luck,” he said.

Various artists said they are looking forward to the competition and hailed the European Union for the opportunity to showcase and grow their skills while being rewarded for it.

“It’s not every day that we get an opportunity to be awarded for our artistic expression and this initiative will go a long way in motivating us in coming up with quality and beautiful art products, ” Tafira Matope, an upcoming sculptor said.

“As a sector, we are also facing challenges just like any sector and this competition and support from European Union will greatly assist in the growth of the sector, ” Priscilla Mukohwe said.

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