The development of the Shona Sculpture movement can be credited to a large extent to families who taught and passed on the skill to each other. Fathers taught sons, brothers, taught sisters, uncles taught nephews and so the heritage was passed from generation to generation and became an integral part of the Shona Sculpture movement.

The documented First Generation Sculptors who passed the art to their families include Nicholas Mukomberanwa and his wife Grace Mukomberanwa who taught their children  Anderson Mukomberanwa, Ennica Mukomberanwa, Lawrence Mukomberanwa, Taguma Mukomberanwa, Tendai Mukomberanwa, Netsai Mukomberanwa, and the nephew Nesbert Mukomberanwa.

Another family that contributed to the development and international appreciation of shona stone sculpture is the Nyanhongo family.

Led by First Generation Shona Stone Sculptor Claude Nyanhongo the family produced, Claude, Gideon, Agnes, Wellington, Euwitt, Dennis, Collen, Marian, Moses and Brian. Gideon and Agnes Nyanhongo became Internationally acclaimed Scuptors raised the flag of Zimbabwe high.

The Nyanhongo family taught their nephew Passmore Mashaya to sculpt and in turn Passmore taught his brothers and sisters, Givemore Mashaya, Tineyi, Precious, Cephas, Ngoni, Benjamin, Lisborn, Tonderai, Vimbai, Norest and Promise.

As AVAC Arts we are working with two such families, the Mupumha Family and the Mangenda Family.

Richard Mupumha passed the skill of stone art to his sons Onias Mupumha, Itayi Mupumha and Richard Mupumha Jnr. Their work is different from each other’s and Richard Mupumha has been a good mentor who allowed his sons to go their own direction in Shona Stone Sculpture.

The Mangenda family specialises in in Fine Art and members of the family are Farai Mangenda, Moses, Shepherd, Lovemore, Blessing and Godfrey.

Stone Sculpture in Zimbabwe continues to bring families together. The younger generation made up of the likesof Richard Mupumha jnr are learning from their fathers and brothers and will teach their sons, younger brothers and cousins and that way Shona Stone Art continues to be passed from generation to generation.


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