The Chitungwiza Arts Centre (CAC) is going further to develop their working area through improving their structures.

Currently they are refurbishing their exhibition stand, a building close to their offices. They are having a redo of its thatched roof and walls as the building was now getting old and had time not in its proper use.

This year notable improvements have been noticed at CAC ever since the introduction of a new committee. The AVAC team learned about this
knowledge during their interaction with the artists who work and operate at CAC.

Artists expressed great joy as they are now noticing a great value of their contribution money which is a thing they have not been seeing in a while. This year alone the dura wall of the premises was repaired, a new gazebo/ working space built, internet reception improved, new tools to improve artists’ production bought among many other things. They also promised to launch a website for the Centre which is a valuable tool in marketing their works and for publicity.

Also this year the CAC has entered into a marketing and sales agreement with AVAC Arts to help them improve their sales, a deal which has brought many fruits to the Centre. Artists are very happy with the work being done by AVAC, and hope for a long lasting business partnership as it is promising.


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