It’s a new year and a new beginning. It`s that time of the year when you leave behind your previous year’s troubles and challenges, and embrace the new energy. It`s time to reset and refocus.

Although it`s a new year with new promises, technically speaking nothing has changed except the date on the calendar. A new year does not bring  any positive changes really.

If you don’t change, nothing will change. Look around you and see if anything has changed. Nothing has changed and nothing will change until you have changed. A new year only gives an opportunity for a new change.

  • Change your reading habits
  • Change toxic relationships
  • Change how you spend time
  • Change your drinking habits
  • Change your spending habits
  • Change your eating habits
  • Change your smoking habits
  • Get a hobby
  • Dream, Enjoy Life, Live a little

If you change, your world will change and the year will change. You can’t start a year without  Goals, Mantra, Value Proposition and a Personal Development Plan. Do not follow the herd; remember your journey is your own.

Please do stay safe during this “Great Lockdown” era the world is going through. I hope we all do realize that this episode will never reoccur as is probably in our generation once it is over. As such, let us make the best of the ample time we have to our disposal all of a sudden.
Always remember, You Only Live Once!


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