A local Zimbabwean man whose success within the art world has allowed him to travel and exhibit all over the world.

Born in 1974, Batsirai is the eldest of five boys. Secondary schooling was completed at Lord Malvern before heading to Harare Polytechnic where he completed and obtained a certificate in screen printing. During this time, Batsirai made full use of the National Gallery Library, where he researched and studied both artists and forms of art. Batsirai, a self-taught artist started painting professionally at the age of 21, with the first exhibition of his work in Wawana Gallery, Maastricht, Netherlands at the age of 22.

This early success propelled Batsirai into exhibitions locally for the next 5 years before his work started appearing around the world in exhibitions from The United States of America to South Africa to Portugal and to the Czech Republic. Batsirai also has his work in private collections in Zimbabwe, England, America, Japan, China, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Holland, Germany and Botswana. Quite a feat!

For the local Zimbabwean person, chances are you have come across Batsirai’s work as he has been commissioned to do work on and for calendars, publications, adverts and some major company brands here in Zimbabwe.

Batsirai is a family man now with two children and a passion for farming. He is a devout Christian and is an elected Cell Group Leader in his local church.

Batsirai is the perfect example of sewing your seeds in life, and through nourishment and enrichment you reap the rewards of your efforts. Batsirai, as a local Zimbabwean and self-taught artist we are privileged to exhibit your work in our gallery.

Follow link to view his artworks presently on sale:


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