Her name is Cynthia Joseph. At 23 years old she is one of the youngest stone sculptors in Zimbabwe.
She says she was challenged by the fact that stone sculpting is a male dominated industry and she wants to change the status quo and become an inspiration to other female artists to try out stone carving as a profession.
She is currently one of the resident artists working at the AVAC Arts Victoria Falls International Airport Sculpture Gallery together with Albert Agostino.
She was born and raised in Chitungwiza. She learnt the art of stone sculpting from the Chitungwiza Arts Centre. Her passion is playing rugby and art. She says she intends to be an artist for her entire life but hopes one day to raise enough money to open her own business as being a stone sculptor in Zimbabwe is very difficult.
There is a lot of competion and it is difficult to find clients from the finished artworks. Most of the clients are tourists and foreigners and she is excited about being part of the AVAC Arts team.
Random Pictures from the Victoria Falls International Airport Art Gallery

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