AVAC Arts is now going a milestone to include many other art forms to merchandise they market and sell. This brilliant idea to accommodate other art forms came as a result of great demand from clients world over.

Speaking to Bryne Mushaninga who is AVAC Arts Project Manager said that it is an indication that the company is going forward and business is good.

“As AVAC Arts we will be adding other art forms to our website as response to many of our clients’ plea. Hence we are going to sign many other new artists doing different art works such as metal, wood, reeds, frames and paintings.” he said.

With our incorporation of such other art forms it’s a direct indication that client response is good, sells are growing and business is improving by the day.”

At the moment we are still sourcing for those gifted artist with a master piece collection of works that we can market at our website.”

AVAC Arts have more than 10 years in the art business and enjoys a huge market world over as far as international trade is concerned.


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