If someone is to ask me what I think of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe, I would say “Educative, inspiring, amazing and creative”, all wrapped up in one place.  I would like to think it all started in the stone-age era and unknown to the founders of stone carving, the art form has grown and continued into the 21st century.

Stone sculpting is one of the most amazing art forms globally. Tourists from all over the world travel every year thousands of kilometers to buy and to see this art form produced by our very own local Zimbabwean artists using nothing but simple tools and a creative mind. For the artist, art is a form of expression and as a source of livelihood for many families. For the end users, art adds depth and an antique afro-centric feel to open indoor and outdoor spaces. Art adds enormous value to real estate and private properties. You will never find two identical Shona stone sculptures in this world. This is because all sculptures are hand-carved and no two raw stones used in sculpting are ever identical.

I have also noticed that a lot of sculptors have managed to travel to many different countries and tutored people of different races, ethnicity and age. Most artists create sculptures based on inspiration and background.

I am proud of our local artists because they represent Zimbabwe on the global level. Our sculptures are highly regarded internationally. Not only are the artists helping themselves and sustaining their families; they are also helping the national fiscus with the much needed foreign currency. Zimbabwe is importing more that it is exporting and the country is currently facing with a major liquidity crisis and faced with a devastating drought due to poor rainfalls.

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  1. Wow, this is a very insightful article on Stone sculptures and their meanings. Thank you!

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