Due to popular demand we have reintroduced the “Name Your Price” special feature for all artworks being sold online. It is a very simple and easy to use function that allows negotiation between the buyers and artists with regards to the artwork buying price.

As a potential client, if you find any artwork(s) of interest you are free to make an offer (higher or lower)  against the suggested price or accept it as is.

As the leading Zimbabwe online gallery we are hoping to create the same feeling and atmosphere for virtual clients as that walk in clients experience in Zimbabwe when they approach an artist’s workshop, gallery or art centre.

All artworks being sold now have a “Suggested Price” which is really not fixed. As a potential client you can now submit an “Offer Price” via our online cart or email.

After consideration of the offer and consultation with the artist we can then either accept the price as is, renogotiate or reject the offer. There is room however for further negotiations until both parties are happy and have agreed.

There will be no obligation for payment and as a client, you will only be requested to pay after both parties have agreed on a price and the client has been informed of the additional packing and air freight or sea freight costs.

Even though the global COVID-19 pandemic is over, most artists are still struggling to sell their works both from their physical galleries and online. This has necessitated the reintroduction of the feature and we hope that it will go a long way towards improving the livelihoods of local artists and their families through art and as an art in itself.


Please feel free to visit our online gallery and let us know if you find anything that tickles your fancy.

Featured Artworks:

Sweet thoughts of you

Mukombe neHari (Gourd and Drinking Pot)


Loving Sisters

Sunny Day

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