You name it.

What’s in a name? The initial title to this blog was “Naming a Masterpiece” but I ended up saying you name it.

I believe that naming an artwork is an art on its own. As someone with a marketing orientation, I believe the “title” of an artwork is everything. A Title can either bring an art lover closer to the artwork or push him away from the artwork. A Title of an artwork should be relevant, captivating and able to communicate with the art loving world.


A Title should tell the story about the artwork and a story behind the artwork. A title may as well tell the story ahead of the artwork. The context in which the artwork was sculpted can also bring a natural Title to the artwork.

As we were taking pictures of Artist’s Stone Sculptures at Chitungwiza Art Centre, I asked an artist how he names his artworks. The artist said the Title he gives all depends with the idea he had when he began working on the stone sculpture. He said at times he gives a piece a Title before he starts sculpting it. He said at times you will finish an artwork without a Title for it.


The stone sculptor said naming a work of art is a dynamic process that will continue even after the piece is sold. He said the first idea that comes into your mind when you see a piece may give you the title of the stonework.

The sculptor said most times he gets Titles from people who visit see the sculpture when it is finished. So you are allowed to name and rename any artwork depending on how you communicate with it. One artwork means different things to different people so you should not restrict yourself to the title an artist gives an artwork.

So, what does this stone sculpture mean to you and what title would you give it?




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