I am the voice of an African past..
The reason there is a beating of the African drum…
The Alpha and Omega of the African Culture..

I am the sound of dusk to dark
ushering in the appearance of the great Dawn to day..
The footsteps of the Rhino in the great abyss of an
African jungle..
His trumpet, the sound of an Elephant trunk..
I roar louder than the young King of the jungle..
My horns more spiral than the crown of the African

Hear the sound of the great sky that Thunders,
feel the warmth of the rays of the Lightening of the
African sky..
The mysteries of the water beneath and above
spoken by my sound..

Oh Child.. I am the voice of an African past..
The reason they make a fire under the moonlight..
The dance of an African Culture.. I am the Key
to the door way of the African Spirit..
The Evoker of the great.. The caller of
the ancient, the umblical code of the
African present and African past..

I quench your thirst I am deeper than an
Ocean, The umplifier of herbs..
I am a Hunter, a King, a Queen,
Your healer.. THEE PROPHECY!
I am Wood, i am Steel, I am thee half of
an African food.. I AM THE MBIRA…



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