Americk Kambiri a Zimbabwean stone sculptor who is working with AVAC Arts has reproduced a Nelson Mandela sculpture that has captured eyes of many people, mainly due to the history and background of this iconic African leader who was also a human rights activists, and philanthropist.
This art piece is made from hard green opal stone has proved to be a priceless piece at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre (CAC), has drawn many people to come and have a view of this brilliant sculpture. This Kambiri’s sculpture weighs an estimated 350 kgs and has a height of 2m.
On the 31st of last month the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), a Zimbabwean political party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai expressed keen interest on the stone sculpture during his tour of the CAC and is still negotiating on its acquisition.
This stone sculpture is of Mandela’s inauguration which took place in Pretoria on 10 May 1994, televised to a billion viewers globally. The event was attended by 4000 guests, including world leaders from disparate backgrounds.
From the statue Mandela is dressed in his trademark Batik shirt, known as “Madiba shirts”, which he often wore even on formal occasions.
Mandela stepped down as ANC President at the December 1997 conference. After suffering from a prolonged respiratory infection, Mandela died on 5 December 2013 at the age of 95.

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