For the month of March we are going to be uploading artworks from the Chitungwiza Arts community. We decided to focus more on larger and very unique sculptures from the centre. The guys are doing some very good work there.

For a minute you actually forget all about whats happening around the world with the corona virus (COVID-19) disease.

Fortunately for Zimbabwe, the weather is not yet conducive for the virus to survive so we are still fairly safe. However, the temperatures are beginning to drop as we approach winter. There have been only 2 unconfirmed cases reported to date of people being tested and found positive after they came from abroad.

We hope you enjoy the collection. Lets all stay safe and hydrated, exercising good personal hygene practices.

10 Featured Random Sculptures:

Giraffe Trophy


Charging Rhinoceros

Beautiful African Lady

Owl Parliament

Lean on me

Vekwa Nzou (Protected by the elephant Spirit)



African Queen



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