By Terrence Musiyiwa
At the fall of 2018, AVAC Arts opened its first workspace for artists to work from. We realised that a lot of artists fail to develop their careers and artistic skills because they do not have the raw material and/or tools to produce art.

In response to that, we are now providing artists with raw materials and tools to help earn a living from their artistic abilities. Zimbabwe at present is showing signs of sliding back into an economic recession different from the last experience to say the least. I was honoured to read about our initiative in our local press this month.

Our Team of artists have so far produced new and amazing stone sculptures from different artists living in Chitungwiza. We would greatly appreciate it if you could be amongst our first clients to order stone sculptures from our private collection.

We are sure your continued support will help us achieve our vision of expanding our reach so that we will be able to support more artists and art forms on a bigger working space.



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