Talented visual artist Gresham Nyaude said he is ready to excel and change the face of the local arts industry through his works. The 29-year-old artist said he draws his inspiration from day to day activities that take place in Mbare where he resides and surrounding areas.

“I am a person who grew up in Mbare and for those who know the place, this is an area that is packed with activities. A lot of social issues transpire here like drug abuse, prostitution and theft. So I chose to use art to express all the ills,” he said.

Nyaude has a solo exhibition running under the theme “Mazino” at the First Floor Gallery in Harare. Mazino is a body of works which show the reality of Harare today in all its complexity, drama, humour and pain.

According to Nyaude this exhibition is inspired by the Shona proverb “Zino irema rinosekerera warisingadi” that means that a smile is not always a sign of love, even enemies can fake smiles.

“My theme of work unravels the reality where self interest is fast overtaking trust and sincerity in many spheres of our lives as a society. There are a lot of social ills taking place in our society like prostitution and abuse of all forms but people prefer to just smile as if it it’s the right thing to do.

“In street language or rather slang Mazino (teeth) is a term people use to describe hardships that can be biting in various spheres of life,” said.

Some pieces on display include “Mazai Adhimba Anengozi”, “Flag Bearer” and “Kusekana Kwanakamba” and he uses the coumaflage colour that has the ability to hide things from within.

“In all my work I use the camouflage colour because it has the ability to hide things that are within. There are so many issues that we as a developing country have to tackle and discuss.

“Use of proverbs, street slang and paintings has the capacity of carrying layers of meaning and interpretation of traditional norms of communication and relational ethics,” he said.

In July, Nyaude had the opportunity to represent Zimbabwe at an exhibition called “Another Antipodes” held in Perth, Australlia.

Yeukai Karengezeka-Chisepo Arts Correspondent

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