After taking into consideration concerns that were raised by our present and potential clients, we have reduced prices on almost all artworks on our website. We have taken into consideration the packing and freight costs that are associated with shipping artworks to various corners of the world as a hindering factor in improving sales by local artists.

This year unlike the other years we changed our business model and worked with over 30 artists in our AVAC Arts workshop. We provided the artists with tools, raw stones, food and allowances and hence this had the effect of reducing the overall production costs for the artists and hence we wish to now pass it on to you the clients.

Featuring artists include Blessing Mutorozo, Sylvester Mubayi, Tinashe Chihota, Tendai Makahari, David Mashoko and many more.

Please take the time to visit our online store and have a look at our new prices and new sculptures.

Also take note that our email is still down and as such please feel free to call on +263772451532 or email


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