Dangwe (First Born)


Artist: Witness Bonjisi
Material: Springstone
Dimensions: 34cms (L) x 24cms (W) x 156cms (H)


In 1992, inspired by his brother, the late Lameck Bonjisi, Witness began his sculpting career. With the guidance of Lameck and the late Nicholas Mukomberanwa he learned the art form that his ancestors had been doing for centuries.

Bonjisi has held exhibitions in the US and Switzerland. To date his work has sold in France, South Africa, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Greece and the United States.

This is an original hand carved one-of-a-kind stone sculpture. This sculpture can be used as a decorative item to fill up special open spaces. It can be bought as a personal collectible item or as a gift for that special occasion or person. This sculpture is suitable for inside or outside the home, hotel, garden, office or park and requires minimal care.

All artworks purchased are subjected to refurbishment to ensure you get your products at the best possible quality. We will ensure that bases are straightened and works re-polishing for a nice and shiny finish where necessary.

Additional information

Dimensions 34 × 24 × 156 cm


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