My beautiful hair

Suggested Price: 250.00$

Artist: Richard Mupumha
Material: Serpentine Stone
Dimensions: 40cms (L) x 16cms (W) x 36cms (H)



Richard Mupumha is amongst one of the internationally and highly acclaim sculptors and elders in the stone sculpting industry. He currently resides in Chitungwiza and works from the Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

This is an original hand carved stone sculpture. This artwork can be used as a decorative item to fill up special open spaces. It can be bought as a personal collectible item or as a gift for that special occasion or person. This sculpture is suitable for inside or outside homes, hotels, gardens, offices or parks and requires minimal care.

All artworks purchased are subjected to refurbishment to ensure you get your products at the best possible quality. We will ensure that bases are straightened and works re-polishing for a nice and shiny finish where necessary.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 40 × 16 × 36 cm

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