The Zimbabwe Bird (Chapungu/ Hungwe)


Artist: Albert Agostino
Material: Springstone Stone
Dimensions: 21cms (L) x 12cms (W) x 33cms (H)
Weight: 7kgs


The Zimbabwe Bird, also known as the Hungwe or Chapungu, is a national emblem of Zimbabwe, appearing on the country’s flag, coat of arms, banknotes, and various institutions. Its history stretches back centuries, intricately woven with the rise and fall of ancient Zimbabwean civilizations and evolving interpretations of its meaning. It is also called the golden bird or the “Great Zimbabwe Bird” (Hungwe) is the national symbol of Zimbabwe and is most likely a representation of the African fish eagle.

The Zimbabwe Bird: A Symbol of History and Identity

This is an original hand carved stone sculpture. All artworks purchased are subjected to refurbishment to ensure you get your products at the best possible quality.


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