Zimbabwe Arts Festival: Artists turn rubbish into beauty

This year Zimbabwe hosted the Harare International Festival of the Arts. In a country dealing with cash shortages, power cuts and high unemployment, artists have been striving to reveal a beauty in the environment around them. Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Harare.

NAC concerned with the limited number of women in art business.

The National Arts Council (NAC) of Zimbabwe expressed concern with the small number of women involvement in the arts business. This was said by the NAC Director Elvas Mari during his visit to the Chitungwiza Arts Centre (CAC) recently. He encouraged women to take part in occupying influential positions in the running of the Centre…

Art Centres Promoting Visual Arts in Zimbabwe

Art centres play an important role in the creation and promotion of visual arts in Zimbabwe. The growth and  development of the Shona Sculpture movement was greatly  influenced by the establishment of formal and informal art centres.

Women in Stone Sculpturing

AVAC Arts is marketing and working with four of Chitungwiza Arts Centre (CAC) resident female artists who have broken new ground, venturing into the male dominated stone sculpture industry. Tracy Chatsama, Diana Nyakudya, Rachel Ellon and Agnes Mupariwa are not only stone sculptors but also the best and most promising names in the industry as…

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