Becoming Henri Munyaradzi

Henry Mudzengerere Munyaradzi is considered as the inward looking magus of Zimbabwe sculpture. Born in Guruve, in the north of Zimbabwe in 1931, Munyaradzi’s life and work is as deceptively simple as it is remarkable, hence a paradoxical salience is resultant from his body of work. He eventually worked in various ways with the natural…

National Gallery commemorates 60th anniversary

NATIONAL Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) on Friday last week launched The Perfect Coffee Table Book to mark the institution’s 60th anniversary. The book was meant to shed light on artworks by Zimbabwean artists and to serve as a source of key pointers on artistic careers and practices. NGZ conservation and collections manager, Lillian Chaonwa, said…

A Quick History of Zimbabwean Shona Sculpture

By Robert Mukondiwa Curator (Zim Art) African stone sculpture from Zimbabwe is often called Shona sculpture, named after the largest tribe engaged in sculpting. Zimbabwe – derived from the Shona word dzimbadzamabwe which means ‘house of stone’ – is the only country on the African continent that has large deposits of stone suitable for sculpting.

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