If you want to be in art business, come to Zimbabwe: Tafunga Bonjisi

We caught up with sculptor Tafunga Bonjisi who having spent the last ten years in South Africa is back in Zimbabwe “for good” and promises fireworks on the visual art scene. Inspired by his late brother Lameck Bonjisi and Nicholas Mukomberanwa,Tafunga shares some insights on the state of the Zimbabwe stone sculpture. According to Tafunga,”If…

A Quick History of Zimbabwean Shona Sculpture

By Robert Mukondiwa Curator (Zim Art) African stone sculpture from Zimbabwe is often called Shona sculpture, named after the largest tribe engaged in sculpting. Zimbabwe – derived from the Shona word dzimbadzamabwe which means ‘house of stone’ – is the only country on the African continent that has large deposits of stone suitable for sculpting.