”I use wire; beads; and recycle cups, tea pots, spoons plates and beverage cans/tins to make my art. This creativity began when I was still a young boy, I used to like to put different things together and produce something impressive to the eye.” said Mugoti Musekiwa a resident artist at Chitungwiza Arts Centre when he was interviewed by the AVAC Arts team. 

Art can be precious and priceless but the materials which builds it up can be anything and of less importance for instance in the case of Mugoti, beverage and pesticides containers can be recycled to great value. Wire being used to build art masterpieces which are modern and which sell like hot cakes.

Such originality and intelligence comes only from great artists who are innovative enough to turn nothing to something. In support to this assertion, Mugoti have been to big exhibitions and have enjoyed a huge market and buyers from as far as Europe.

“I have exhibited my unique works at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), and South Africa where I was based within the past few years doing this same art.”

Most buyers of my crafts and art pieces come from Europe. I was interviewed by the ZBC TV, Pretoria News and the Daily Sun in South Africa.” he said.

Another artist Manners Makuwire is in the same business as the later and they are close friends both in art business and in life. Manners even uses paper and plastics to make his art which in most cases they pick from Trash containers.

Besides being a regular exhibitor at HIFA since 2013, Manners has also showcased his works at the UNWTO in prior years, also is a regular at Lynde Francis Trust since 2012. He has enjoyed a wide coverage and is now famous and a renowned artist in Zimbabwe and worldwide.

Manners Makuwire said “My works were on Green Studio in 2013 and has been published by local press such as the Herald and the Newsday and you can also find them on You Tube.”

Recycling of unused things is not only taking advantage of cheap resources but it helps to reduce pollution in the area, to generate revenue and for betterment of the community of Chitungwiza.


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