Having been quiet on this progressive article for some time, I decided I should visit Isaac Choloka to see how far he has gone with sculpting the artwork I am featuring in this blog.

Choloka was saying he hasn’t done anything more on the stone sculpture because he is yet to get into the mood of going to the next stage. He explains that he only proceeds with any piece he works on only when he feels inside him that the time is right to proceed sculpting to the next stage.

The good thing is he has not been sitting around waiting to get into the mood of continuing to work on that particular stone sculpture but he has been sketching other stoneworks. He so far has about 20 stone sculptures that are on the same stage as the masterpiece we are featuring.

His plan is to finish all his raw stone to that stage then continue again to the next with all the 20 stone sculptures until they are all finished.

This means upon completion, he will have 20 new stone sculptures in his gallery.

What a collection that will be.

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