Art trade is a very profitable global business venture with vast growth potential. With over 20 years’ experience in international art trade, let us be your Zimbabwe Art Sourcing partner to help you simplify international trade and minimize the risk associated with transacting internationally.

We will help you with product sourcing, quality checking, refurbishments, packing/crating, export documentation and shipment of the consignment to your desired destination. We will help you safely and affordably get your artwork where you want it to go.


For large orders, we will help you develop your inventory based on your unique market needs. We will also use our experience to help you maximize returns from your investment. Contact us to discuss your needs on email


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5 thoughts on “Wholesale Facility

  1. I called him and he said hello to you too. He says you should contact him also and that it has been many years since you came to Zimbabwe.

  2. Great works of art. Terrence and everyone at AVAC Arts were so helpful. I have two incredible pieces of art that I display in my home. Very professional and attentive, from answering emails to providing updates on your shipment.

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