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We appreciate the fact that your success is key to our very own success. We are able to provide you with a wide variety of stone sculpture styles, sizes and stone types for a diverse product mix guaranteed to bring you much success and profit to your business. We pledge to provide you with the very best artwork at the most fair prices.


Minimum Order:
To qualify for our wholesale facility, your order has to be worth at least 2 cubic metres. Depending on the sculpture sizes, art quality, crating and shipping cost.


Sculptures purchased are securely wrapped and tapped in recycled material before being packed in wooden crates. All artworks are subject to refurbishment to ensure you get all your products at the best possible quality before packing. This involves straightening of bases and re-polishing some of the artworks for a nice and shiny finish where necessary.


We will provide you with a copy of the Bill of Lading, Packing list and invoices. We will also include information on the product titles, stone types, product dimensions and biographies of the artists.

Shipping Quotations: 

We will provide you with free shipping quotations to compare rates. The shipping costs for large consignments is relatively lower compared to smaller consignments. We recommend that you buy online and check on “Local Pickup” as the shipping rates will be quoted separately for wholesale orders.

We will help build your inventory based on your unique market needs. We will also use our experience to help you maximise returns from your investment. Contact us to discuss your business needs and what we can do for you on email

Apply for Wholesale Facility

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  1. I called him and he said hello to you too. He says you should contact him also and that it has been many years since you came to Zimbabwe.

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