Zimbabweans are generazim artlly handiwork people; most earn a living through the work of their hands and art is achair
mong the top handiworks practiced by Zimbabwean people. Evidence of the practice of art can be traced back to the 16th
Century when the Great Zimbabwe a great work of art was constructed. The Great Zimbabwe is a heap of stones that were piled without mortar.

artvStarting off as a hobby the trade of art was over the years perfected and commercialized. Today Visual Art is now a source of employment and livelihood to many Zimbabweans. In recent years the slowing down of the economy and lack the consequent lack of employment has accelerated the growth of the trade of art as it became an alternative way of sustaining livelihoods. While others make a living through art, some make a living through selling art making visual a great contributor to the countries GDP.

Though internationally Shona Stone Sculpture is arguably the most popular form of art from Zimbabwe, there are other forms of art such as wood carvings, metal crafts, basketry, paintings beadamong many other forms of art practiced in Zimbabwe.

As AVAC Arts, it is our goal to become the Hub of Zimbabwean Art, promoting all forms of art found even in the remotest parts of Zimbabwe like Binga. It is against this background that we are involved in many activities aimed at creating platforms for Zimbabwean Artists to promote themselves locally and internationally.




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