Leading online gallery Avac Arts has donated an education themed sculpture to the Catholic University in Zimbabwe (CUZ).

The sculpture by Chitungwiza Arts Centre based artist Personal Zenda was handed over to the university’s officials at a graduation ceremony held at Meikles Hotel on Monday.

The art piece titled ‘Knowledge Is Power’ which depicts a girl holding a book is curved from white opal stone.

The sculpture was handed over by Avac Arts founder Terrence Musiyiwa who was graduating as part of the first edition Global E4Impact Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Global Impact Entrepreneurship.

The executive program trains both active and aspiring entrepreneurs in the start-up and/or scaling of their businesses.

The program is offered in partnership with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe and confers a degree from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, Italy.

“The name of our country Zimbabwe is derived from dzimbahwe, which originates from the word “Dzimba Dzemabwe” which can be loosely translated to house of stone thus sculpture is a great part of our culture and heritage,” said Musiyiwa.

“As young people we are the present and future of our nation. Our country needs entrepreneurs, now more than ever so we can find lasting solutions to deal with our many challenges and the current economic meltdown.”

Musiyiwa said though many may point out the lack of capital as the major stumbling block entrepreneurship demands people to think outside the box and create avenues that are solution based.

“Let us make sure we build a country and leave a heritage good enough for future generations.”

Zenda is a stone sculptor who joined the trade at Chitungwiza Arts Centre in 2013 working as an assistant to Tamuka Njanji washing and polishing his sculptures.

Now a sculptor himself, Zenda makes sculptures in the form of human and many other figurative creations.

“I’m happy to have one of my works being gifted to such a huge institution,” said Zenda.

“I am passionate about education and I believe it should be accessed by everyone especially the girl child who has for long been undermined in this regard as many people still believe value addition can only be achieved by educating boys.”

Avac Arts is Zimbabwe’s first online gallery that helps artists to sell their work online and puts their pieces before buyers.

The organisation works with over 300 artists and aims to help artists focus on their crafts leaving Avac to work out marketing and administrative tasks.

Source: Nhau/Indaba

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