Art trade is a very lucrative business with vast growth and profitability potential in foreign markets. A high investment return is guaranteed if you are going to source art right, sale to the right people, at the right place and at the right price. International trade is characteristically costlier and riskier as compared to domestic trade.

A summary of the main risks associated with international art trade include:
• Risk associated with Internet fraud and identity theft
• Effects of unpredictable economic environments and fluctuating exchange rates
• Risks due to war and civil unrest
• Changes in government policies and Exchange Control Regulations
• A bank’s inability to honour its responsibilities
• A buyer’s failure to pay due to financial constraints and insolvency
• A seller’s inability to provide the required quantity and/or quality of goods
Others Risks also include:
• Cultural differences e.g., in some cultures consider the payment of an incentive to trade is lawful
• Language barriers
• Legal protection from breach of contract or non-payment is low
• Natural risk – due to the various kinds of uncontrollable natural catastrophes and disasters.

With over 10 years’ experience in international art trade, let AVAC Arts become your Zimbabwean Art trade partner. We appreciate the fact that your success is key to our very own success. We pledge to provide you with the very best sculptures at the most reasonable and fair prices.

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