AMERICANS love their pets and consider them “part of the family.” In fact, 67% of all U.S. households include a dog or cat. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation says that means we care for 43 million pet dogs and 36 million pet cats.

In fact, most Americans treat their furry four-legged “children” as well as their own two-legged kids. A 2015 University of Pennsylvania study reveals the cost of “pet love” for the 12-year average of a dog’s life at $23,410! (General supplies were estimated at $432 per year; food, $435; preventive medications, $389, and veterinary costs $650.)

Every mom and dad proudly has snap shots of their kids from baby pictures to wedding pictures. Oh, yes. Then there are the pet pictures.

Now, for the first time, you can give your precious pet a special treatment. Instead of a snap shot, you can now afford a small, realistic stone sculpture of your pet, carved by a professional artist to place in your garden, on a shelf or display on a table in your home. Using handsome natural rocks from Zimbabwe, one of our fine sculptors will recreate the precious image of your pet dog, cat (or other creature) at an affordable price.

From as little as just US$399 (plus a shipping charge) we will deliver to you in a few weeks your one-of-a-kind sculpture,12inches high or 12inches long (depending on the pose of your pet in a picture you have emailed to us for a guide). 12 Inches is approximately equivalent to 30.48cms.

Contact us at to obtain addition details and we will respond quickly to your request(s).

Should you wish to have us sculpt your pet in a larger size or different pose from whatever photo you possess, we can accommodate that need and tell you what the additional cost, if any, would be.

God has given humans these little creatures to add joy to our lives. AVAC Arts was created to give a beautiful, permanent form to those precious memories of your beloved family pet.

This contribution was done by Michael Thompson (Florida)


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