The reason why I write this blog is because I continuously find myself in an awkward position when I see a very beautiful artwork without a title. Coming up with a title is one of the most difficult aspects of being an artist.

Stone sculpturing is an art comparable to written, sung or spoken literature and most artists I am sure agree that titles are difficult. Some believe that the title comes first to guide production towards the final envisioned artwork. Others believe that both the title and artwork are fluid and subject to change as the artwork manifests. Some simply wait until they finish curving the sculpture.

As for me, I am indifferent. These are the hen and egg kind of questions, I am indifferent what came first. The only 2 sculptures I ever created did not have titles until I was finished.

I will however say that the title of an artwork is equally as important as the artwork itself.

For anyone to fall in love with an artwork, one has to be able to relate with the title, the artwork and what expressions where going through the artist’s creative mind.

I have taken “Handy Andy” as an example of a product with a perfect title. Say it out loud twice with your eyes closed; “Handy Andy!!”. What did you visualize? Do you see the Handy work? Did you see Andy deep in work? This I believe is how artists should come up with titles. Titles should not merely sound good but they should be in harmony with the artwork produced.

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