Abstract Cobalt Head Sculpture

Suggested Price: $180.00

Artist: Chemedu Jemali

Material: Cobalt Stone

Dimensions: 33cms (L) x 7cms (W) x 55cms (H)

Weight: 24kgs



Chemedu produces abstract creations representing many areas from spirit birds to stylised busts. His family is originally from Malawi and their (male side) totem is the Miranzi (mouse). He is a well known artist in the Shona art movement internationally.

This sculpture is an exotic and wonderful stone of rare quality. It captures the mysterious and beautiful colours of an age-old area of Africa.

This is an original hand carved stone sculpture. All artworks purchased are subjected to refurbishment to ensure you get your products at the best possible quality.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 33 × 7 × 55 cm
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