Windy Day


Artist: David Mashoko

Material: Cobalt Stone

Dimensions: 36cms (L) x 10cms (W) x 52cms (H)

Weight: 16kgs


Amongst the thousands of sculptors in the country, David Mashoko has become one of Zimbabwe’s better known artists. Working in Harare, he is an accomplished and highly skilled carver who prefers to work with the harder varieties of serpentine such as Soapstone, Cobalt stone, Opal stone and Springstone.

Using different finishing techniques to provide contrasting effects to his pieces, his style is easily recognizable. Many of his sculptures focus on female figures and family. His women are beautifully feminine, with flowing hair and lovely curves.

It can be used as a decorative item to fill up special open spaces. It can be bought as a personal collectible item or as a gift for that special occasion or person.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 52 cm