Shortlisting has recently begun for the sixth annual Global Excellence Awards, proudly hosted by LUXlife magazine, and we are delighted to be informed that Avac Arts has been identified as a nominee this year.

The Global Excellence Awards 2022 are dedicated to recognising the best products, services, and brands across the world who are leading the luxury elite in their chosen sector, from high-end transport to luxury events, experiences, and more!

In their sixth consecutive year, the Global Excellence Awards are proudly hosted by LUXlife magazine, a bi-monthly digital publication devoted to showcasing the latest in luxury trends and high-end lifestyle.

Each year the LUXlife magazine is committed to honouring the very best that the Luxury Lifestyle industry has to offer, celebrating the top performers and service providers across retail, hospitality, travel, beauty, entertainment, and more.

With the Luxury market becoming more immersed in the digital age, the growing influence of social media and the embrace of virtual technologies is having a profound effect on lifestyle and purchasing choices. These are trends that Luxury companies will have to keep up with to stay competitive, as brand stories that are both unique and socially conscious are proving to be increasingly popular. Moreso than ever, high-end customers are looking to curate their online presence and are taking an individualized approach to not only where they spend their money, but also how they can share this across their network.

The rise of a tech-savvy consumer base has also been a crucial factor in the boom of online sales in the global Luxury market, as convenience, efficiency, and extensive choice are taking the lead in defining spending habits. Web-based platforms available for shopping, hotel booking, event planning, and more are increasing in number and popularity, and now represent a large portion of the market share.

While digital technology is becoming more influential across the commercial landscape, maintaining a personal approach continues to define the Luxury sector, with tailored services and personalization often the main methods premium brands use to stand out in this competitive field. Many industry insiders predict that in the next decade it won’t be enough to rely on extravagance alone to attract a loyal clientele, with in-person interactions customised to the individual to be expected as standard.

As the industry continues to evolve alongside these trends, LUXlife Magazine aims to make the Global Excellence Awards 2022 the consummate guide to the very best that the Luxury sector has to offer. Lux will shine a light on the outstanding firms and entrepreneurs who have illustrated exceptional client service, attention to detail, and a commitment to innovation within their given field. All potential nominees are assessed via a merit-based system by an impartial team, so that the final winners are determined based on performance rather than popularity, and truly deserve their place among the distinguished recipients.

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