The National Arts Council (NAC) of Zimbabwe expressed concern with the small number of women involvement in the arts business.

This was said by the NAC Director Elvas Mari during his visit to the Chitungwiza Arts Centre (CAC) recently. He encouraged women to take part in occupying influential positions in the running of the Centre and the art industry as a whole.

“Women should be at the fore front occupying positions in administering the activities at the Chitungwiza Arts Centre as much as men do.”

Let women embrace all efforts done in a way of empowering everyone economically through CAC talent building project by allowing them to work and earn a living through use of their hands.” said Mr. Mari.

This advice came as a result of a limited number of women being seen taking part in the stone sculpturing business which is the main core business at CAC at the moment. Hence the Centre was encouraged to introduce other art forms as a measure to accommodate and motivate other female artists.

Also NAC acknowledged the progress being done by the artists in improving working conditions at CAC working area. CAC is an association owned and overseen with NAC, but artists are provisioned to develop the area, organize activities and to run the Centre through a committee.

CAC was formed in 1997 and it now encompasses more than 200 artist with only four being women.


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