Shoko Festival is set to re-imagine its format this year as it announces a new programme structure that makes Peace In The Hood the main event in Chitungwiza. The new format for the 2018 edition will see the festival retain its 3 day format but re-focus the content and programming. Shoko 2018 dates have been announced as running from 28th – 30th September.

The major shift is that the popular Peace In The Hood event in Chitungwiza will now be the main day of the festival. Peace In The Hood regularly draws crowds of up to 5,000 people per year and has become the biggest draw card. Other programming will also change as a brand new comedy night at a new venue is planned for Friday 28th September featuring diverse comedy acts while Saturday 29th September will feature a themed hip hop night to shut down the Zim Hip Hop Summit. The day programming on Friday 28th September and Saturday 29th September will now be dominated by the Hub Unconference on the first day and the Zim Hip Hop Summit on the second day as both these events proved extremely popular in 2017. Shoko will also be introducing some new venues to their audience.

“We definitely wanna flip the script this year and surprise our audiences at Shoko 2018,” says Shoko Festival Director Comrade Fatso, “We’ve heard constructive criticism from our long time fans from Day 1. 2017 was definitely a tough year to operate in and we’re gonna be playing to our strengths in 2018. The successes of last year’s Shoko were definitely the hugely attended Peace in the Hood, the ever-popular Hub Unconference and the first-of-its-kind Zim Hip Hop Summit. Peace in the Hood has organically grown over the years to become the biggest day of the festival so we wanna celebrate that. It’s unique in that in Harare most international acts play gigs in the city centre whereas we take international acts and Zim’s most cutting edge artists out to the hood. Our day programming on 28th & 29th September will be dedicated to the Hub Unconference and the Zim Hip Hop Summit. Meanwhile we have been brainstorming on some really dope new concepts for the comedy night and the hip hop night with some really cool, alternative and cutting edge acts, collaborations and programming. We look forward to announcing the 2018 theme, the acts and the new programme very soon”

Shoko Festival is Zimbabwe’s longest running urban culture festival and is a product of Magamba Network.


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